How much does a palomino truck camper cost?

Palomino truck campers cost anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000, depending on the model of the camper. As Palomino makes 28 different models of their truck camper, that offer varying floorplans, sizes, and designs.

What is the average cost for a truck camper?

Truck campers, because there are fewer of them, hold their value. If looking for new, expect to spend in the range of $5,000 up to a high-end of $60,000. A used model will range between $2,500 and $30,000 depending on the age, condition, options and manufacturer.

How much do pop up truck campers cost?

Pop up truck campers can cost anywhere from $8,000 – $40,000 new. However, you can expect to spend significantly less on a used model.

What is the most expensive truck camper?

2020 Adventurer Eagle Cap 1200- $58,985

This is one of the most expensive on our list but it is also one of the biggest models as well. The Eagle Cap gives you 100 sq. ft. of floor space which is quite a lot for truck campers.

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Can you live in a truck camper?

Living in a truck camper is perfect for those who want to explore remote locations but don’t want to sleep on the ground under a tent, have a decent place to cook meals and comfortable place to use the restroom. Although it is incredibly fun, truck camper full time living is not necessarily a never-ending vacation.

Are truck campers hard on trucks?

Truck campers are pretty easy to drive. While you still need to be considerate of your height, weight, and center of gravity, driving a truck camper isn’t much harder than driving the truck. They are also easy to maneuver since they sit right in the truck bed.

Are truck campers worth it?

Easily one of the top 10 reasons buy a truck camper. The maneuverability of the truck camper rig is hard to beat. The compact size of the rig coupled with the small turning radius of the pickup truck means you can maneuver out of trouble much easier than with towable RVs and large motorhomes.

What is the most popular truck camper?

Here’s a look at some of some of the most popular brands for truck campers.

  • ALP/Adventurer LP. Adventurer LP, is based out of Yakima, Washington. …
  • Bigfoot Industries. …
  • Four Wheel Pop-up Campers. …
  • Host RV. …
  • Lance. …
  • Northern Lite. …
  • Northwood. …
  • Palomino RV.

What kind of truck do you need for a truck camper?

The overwhelming majority of truck camper owners prefer Extended Cab or Crew Cab trucks. In turn, the majority of truck campers are designed for Extended Cab and/or Crew Cab pickup trucks. Extended Cab and Crew Cab configurations not only offer rear seating for passengers but also provide space for pets, gear and toys.

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Is Earthroamer bulletproof?

“They’re pretty much bulletproof. You don’t really run out of fuel or electricity. You can stay out and have all the luxuries of home.”

How many can sleep in a truck camper?

Truck campers can sleep up to six.

Although a popular choice for couples, truck campers can range in size from 8 to 20 feet, and much of that compact space can be expanded with the strategic use of slide-outs to maximize the living room area.

What are the largest truck campers?

The biggest truck campers are:

  • The Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL.
  • The Northstar 12 STC.
  • The Arctic Fox Camper 1150.
  • The Eagle Cap 1200.
  • The Overlander.

How long do truck campers last?

Without immediate care and maintenance IMHO a RV living unit can be toast in 10-15 years. Most long wheelbase 4×4 camper trucks all have torsion frames to prevent body torsion and friction.

Do truck campers have showers?

Truck bed campers provide an excellent middle-ground option for overland travel: they are smaller and more agile than RVs and travel trailers but more comfortable and luxurious than tents. Many even have toilets and showers, among other amenities. Plus, they can easily be removed from the truck.

Can you sleep in a truck camper off the truck?

No problems. If you go to any sportsman shows or camper displays, they will usually be displayed off the truck and people climb in and out of the bed all day with no problems. However, floor support is critical and taking weight off the jacks will extend their life.

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