Quick Answer: Which RV tire cover is best?

How do I choose an RV tire cover?


  1. Buy your tire cover in the colors white or tan: avoid buying grey or black tire covers because they will cook the tires.
  2. Check that your cover is mildew and UV resistant.
  3. For simple installation, get a cover with an elasticized installation.
  4. Make sure it has a warranty.

Do RV tire covers really work?

Yes! In fact, RV tires might even save your life! Tire covers work by blocking UV radiation from damaging your tires and wearing out the sidewalls. If UV light constantly beats on your tires, you risk having a tire blowout.

What color is best for tire covers?

Industry folk tell us that tires are best preserved when blocked from all light — so dark (black) covers that fully wrap around are best.”

Should you cover RV tires in winter?

Protect the Tires

Tires may be susceptible to damage due to UV rays from the sun. Protect your tires with covers that are often available at your RV dealership. … Tire covers that fit properly will likely protect the tires all winter.

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How do I know what size wheel cover I need?

Hubcap size is actually easiest determined by looking at your tire not your wheel. On every tire there is a series of letters and numbers (which define the exact size and type of tire that you have) that ends with an R and then a number like 14, 15, or 16 etc.

What size are RV tire covers?

Tire Covers for RV Size Chart

RV Tire Cover Size | Tire Dia. Part Number Tire Size If not listed measure your tire’s diameter
I 28″ P 1756 C 1706 B 1736 8.55 x 14 7.35 x 15 215 75R 14 8.00 x 15 8.15 x 15 225 70R 15 7.75 x 15 H78 x 15 215 75R 15 8.50 x 14 8.75 x 16 235 70R 15 235 60R 16

Do tire covers prevent dry rot?

The UV radiation from direct sunlight is a major contributor to the start of dry rot in your RV tires. You can get accessories for your RV, covering the tires to protect them from long-term exposure to sunlight.

Are tire covers worth it?

Tire covers also keep out moisture from rain or snow, and they’ll keep rust and dirt from collecting in the wheels and rims. Tire covers may additionally protect against oxidation, which causes premature drying and cracking in the tires.

How do I protect my RV tires in the winter?

How to Protect Trailer Tires in Winter

  1. Trailer tire storage options. …
  2. A proper scrub & wash. …
  3. Tire and wheel covers. …
  4. Lift or elevate tires. …
  5. A little push or a pull. …
  6. Reasonable overinflation. …
  7. Empty the load. …
  8. Wheel & tire removal.
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What is a tire cover made of?

Materials. Spare tire covers come in a variety of durable materials, most of which are weatherproof and UV-safe using white colors. Soft covers tend to use heavy-duty vinyl material, while hard shells vary; many are made from a combination of stainless steel and hard plastic.

Are RV covers good or bad?

An RV cover helps to repel UV rays, ensuring that your RV does not suffer seal damage. Interior temperatures reach up to only 81° F and deflected sunlight means lower interior and exterior temperatures. Your RV will be protected from rain, sleet, and snow which helps prevent the risk of leaks.

Do RV covers cause damage?

RV-cover. The most important thing you can do to protect your rig is to make sure the cover is tightly secured. If the cover is not tight, it can cause damage by flapping in the wind, allowing moisture underneath, and even allowing precipitation to pool in various locations.

Do RV covers cause mold?

If condensation collects below the cover and can’t escape, it provides a breeding ground for mold and mildew. In more extreme temperatures, it can lead to freezing and cracking around the roof. Most good RV covers will be waterproof, yet breathable.