What ply is RV toilet paper?

This toilet paper is made specifically for RVs by Thetford, a leading RV and camping sanitation company. This is a soft 2-ply toilet tissue that’s highly absorbent.

Can you use 2 ply toilet paper in an RV?

Valterra Q23630 Softness 2-Ply Toilet Tissue. Online reviewers rave about the softness of Valterra toilet paper, and it’s also noted for dissolving well and not leaving and reside behind in RV tanks. The 2-ply sheets are safe for septic systems, boats, and other places as well.

Can I use 1 ply toilet paper in my RV?

Some RVers say they’ve been on the road for years and have never had an issue with any TP. As long as you keep plenty of liquids in the tank and regularly clean your tanks, you should not have any issues no matter what type of toilet paper you’re using. … “RV toilet paper is nothing but cheap one ply at marked up prices.

What toilet paper is safe for RV use?

If you wish to stay with an RV-approved toilet paper, Thetford Quick Dissolve, Camco RV, Thetford Aqua-Soft and Scott’s Rapidly Dissolving (with claims that it breaks down 4X faster than other brands) are well-known for dissolving and moving quickly through the RV black tank.

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What is the difference between septic-safe and RV toilet paper?

Many residential homes use toilet paper labeled as septic-safe if they have a septic tank sewer system. … While RV black tanks are utterly different from a residential septic system, septic-safe toilet paper will generally be safe for RV use.

Is Angel Soft safe for RV?

You can’t just buy any TP for your RV. Angel Soft won’t do – not unless you want to have a huge clog on your hands. … RV compatible TP is environmentally friendly, septic-safe, and rapidly dissolves in your holding tank. Regular toilet paper takes a long time to dissolve and is none of the above.

Can you use Charmin in an RV?

Is Charmin toilet paper safe for RV? Yes, Some varieties of Charmin toilet paper are safe for RV use. Charmin Ultra Soft’s extreme softness results in rapid disintegration and Charmin Essentials Strong’s 1-ply TP dissolves with ease, but Charmin Ultra Strong is unsafe for RVs.

Can you use septic safe toilet paper in a camper?

Yes, you can use septic safe toilet paper in your RV because it is tested and graded safe for the septic, sewer system, sewer hose. This special toilet paper for the recreational vehicle has a fast-dissolving rate, so it can break down quickly.

Can you flush toilet paper in a camper?

Never use regular toilet paper in an RV. This will lead to clogs, blocked sensors, and backed-up black tanks. The difference between regular toilet paper and RV toilet paper is that RV toilet paper is manufactured specifically to dissolve quickly and completely in the black tank, avoiding clogs.

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What toilet paper breaks down the fastest?

The winner is Scott 1,000. This 1-ply toilet paper broke down considerably faster than all the others.

How do you dissolve toilet paper in an RV?

Boiling water is great for breaking down any solid waste, especially paper products, inside of your black tank. Get your water boiling hot and let it cool for only a moment before pouring it into your toilet. I recommend at least a gallon, if you can fit it inside of your clogged black water tank.

Can you use normal toilet paper in a chemical toilet?

Toilet chemical suppliers generally recommend using ‘quick dissolve’ toilet paper with your unit. If your family uses a significant amount of paper this might be a good idea, but in most cases standard toilet paper will be fine and it will almost certainly be cheaper.