Your question: Is RV magazine the same as Trailer Life?

(CWHI) Chairman and President Marcus Lemonis described as a “customer-requested move,” longtime RV lifestyle magazines “Trailer Life” and MotorHome” will be consolidated later this year into a new, all-inclusive digital platform called “” that will be supported by a new publication title – RV Magazine.

Is RV magazine replacing trailer life? will become a lifestyle brand for the towable enthusiast and will convert into a marketplace showcasing products and services for the motorized RV consumer. The new RV Magazine is set to be online, in newsstands and in-homes the early part of January 2021.

Has Trailer Life magazine been discontinued?

Good Sam Discontinuing ‘Trailer Life,’ ‘MotorHome,’ Launching New Magazine, Website. Good Sam is cutting production of two consumer magazines at their December 2020 issues and is launching a new, fully comprehensive digital platform,, supported by a new publication title, “RV Magazine.”

Who owns RV magazine?

No other RV trade magazine has the rich history of RV News. Now owned by RV News Publisher Dana Nelsen, this monthly magazine upholds the four-decade legacy created by its two previous owners, Don Magary, and before him, RV/MH Hall of Famer Dan Holt.

Who owns Trailer Life?

In 1992, Trailer Life Enterprises became part of the umbrella company Affinity Group Inc., since renamed Good Sam Enterprises.

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What is RV magazine?

RV Magazine is the go-to resource for RV & outdoor ideas, information and inspiration.

Can you live in a camper trailer?

The cost of trailer living is much lower than the upkeep of a traditional home, and with some forethought and preparation you can live a comfortable life in a travel trailer year-round. Although your trailer doesn’t need all of the amenities listed, they will make life easier and more comfortable.

What is the RV lifestyle?

Long-term, permanent RV living, or “full-timing” as it’s referred to in the community, is an exciting alternative lifestyle choice that can allow you the freedom to explore the world as part of your day-to-day living experience. In some cases, it can also help you save money on your living expenses.

Is there a RV magazine?

Print & Digital

Receive a printed issue of RV Magazine monthly and unlimited access to premium digital content on

What is American Road Magazine?

American Road magazine is the official travel guide to exploring North America’s back roads. Find unique and affordable road trips, ideas, maps, diners, motels, and roadside attractions in every ..

What is RV business?

RVBusiness is a business-to-business magazine rich in heritage and the acknowledged media leader in the RV industry. … This publication is the primary source of information for enterprising campground and RV park owners.