Are party buses expensive?

How much is a party bus? Generally, renting a party bus costs between $695 – $1,050 for a four hour time block with each additional hour costing between $100 – $300, but prices can vary depending on the city or when you are renting.

Why are party buses so expensive?

This is due in part to the higher fees that companies have to account for when it comes to licensing, insurance, and toll costs. Businesses also need to take their bottom line into consideration. With better quality buses available for rent and a nicer location, overhead costs automatically increase.

Are Party Buses worth it?

Finding a party bus that fits your needs isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Party buses are an affordable and unique option for group transportation rentals for bachelor or bachelorette parties.

How much does the fun bus cost?

The average cost for a party bus is $120 per hour.

Hiring a party bus to shuttle your guests, you will likely spend between $100 and $170 per hour. The price of a party bus can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code).

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Can party buses just drive around?

Most people rent a party bus for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, holidays, promotional events, proms, sporting events, or other celebrations. But, sometimes, you can rent a party bus just for a fun and unique experience. If you have no destination in mind, you are welcome to just drive around town.

What does a party bus include?

Most are outfitted with amenities such as:

  • a large flat-screen television (40 inches or bigger) with a DVD player.
  • high-quality home entertainment system with surround sound and iPod hook-ups.
  • video game systems, minibar, leather couches.
  • hardwood dance floor, disco lights, smoke machines, karaoke machine.

What is better than a party bus?

limousine. A limousine is a good option if you need room for 8-10 passengers (such as with a Lincoln stretch limo,) or up to 20 passengers, (such as with a Hummer or Suburban limo.) The limo may be a more affordable hourly option than a party bus since fewer passengers will need to be accommodated.

Why can you drink in a party bus?

The main reason people book a party bus for their method of travel is quite simple: it acts as your designated driver and you are able to drink while you’re on it.

How much is a party bus NYC?

The size and luxury of the party bus you want will affect the price. For example, a 10-passenger vehicle could cost $100 per hour, a 14-passenger vehicle could cost $125 per hour, and a 20-passenger vehicle could cost $150 per hour. Party bus prices will also be dictated by the season or holidays.

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How much does a bus cost?

The cost of such a bus averages between $250,000 and $280,000. A 35-foot coach will hold about 35 ambulatory passengers and cost about $250,000. A 30- foot coach will hold about 30 passengers and cost about $205,000. The average life expectancy of transit coach chassis is about 12 years.

How much does it cost to start a party bus business?

Retail Business Expenses

Cost Required? Max Cost
Utilities (storefront business) Optional $1,000
Building improvements and remodeling Optional $950
Storefront Property Rent ➜ Optional $3,500
POS System Optional $1,200

Can you dance on a party bus?

Don’t Go Overboard With Dancing On A Moving Bus

Dancing and singing is an integral part of any party, but in this case you have to keep in mind that you are on a moving vehicle. … Dance time should be limited so as to ensure the travellers don’t crash into each other in a midway journey.

Are party buses safe?

Because these vehicles are altered by adding seats, removing seatbelts, and taking out airbags the occupants are at a higher risk for injury or death as the result of an accident. Party buses are not better due to the ability to walk around through the bus while it is in motion.

How do party busses work?

Party buses are large vehicles that are modified to provide entertainment for passengers as they journey to their destination. Uptown Bus party buses provide a safe, comfortable and exciting ride that creates an unforgettable night out. A party bus is whatever you want it to be!

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