Are there double decker buses in India?

Mumbai has operated double-decker buses since 1937. They are operated by the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport undertaking. Kerala State Road Transport Corporation is operating double deckers in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi cities. They are modelled on the London buses.

Are double-decker buses legal in India?

NEW DELHI: The transport ministry has rolled out the code, including safety specifications, for double-decker buses that can ply between cities and on inter-state routes. The ministry has identified over 70 routes, which have high potential of running these buses, which can carry up to 80-82 passengers.

How many double-decker buses are there in India?

Remarkably, the double-decker fleet that started with about 200 buses grew up to 882 in 1993. The BEST has a total fleet of 3,337 buses and has proposed adding 993 buses to its fleet, to increase the overall size to 4,050 by 2020. Presently, there are 120 operational double-decker buses on seven routes around the city.

Why double-decker bus stopped in India?

The buses were discontinued as a result of several reasons, including high maintenance costs, supply of the buses and its parts, and bad vehicular security. … These buses then went on to be commercial buses, and continued plying till 2004,” an official told Express.

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How much does a double-decker bus cost in India?

A new double-decker costs upwards of ₹ 30 lakh and at the end of its 15-year lifecycle, it’s off to the auction house where, technically, anyone can buy it for ₹ 4.5-5.5 lakh.

Why double decker bus stopped in Mumbai?

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking (BEST), has planned to discontinue the legendary double decker busses because of the fact that these not only carry as may passengers as a regular bus but also require more money for maintenance.

Why double decker bus stopped in Bangalore?

The authorities decided to take the buses off road due to its inability of transporting passengers safely. Especially an incident in the 1980s when a double-decker bus ferrying schoolchildren tilted near Ramakrishna Mission in south Bengaluru was a turning point.

Are there double decker buses in Mumbai?

Mumbai: BEST’s new double-deckers will now arrive only in 2022.

Are there triple decker buses?

Built in 1932, the first triple-decker bus was made in Italy. While not much is known about the manufacturer, it ran between Rome and Tivoli and carried 88 passengers. … According to the Museum of Hoaxes, a second such bus was designed in the 1950s by the General American Aerocoach Corporation.

How many double decker buses are there in Kerala?

In Kerala, double-decker buses are operated only in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi. Of the three double-decker buses in service, two are operated in Thiruvananthapuram and one in Kochi.

Does America have double-decker buses?

With the exception of coaches, double-decker buses are uncommon in the United States. Many private operators, such as Megabus, run by Coach USA, employs double-decker buses on its busier intercity routes. For publicly run transport, articulated buses are generally preferred.

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Which countries have double-decker buses?


  • London, United Kingdom. The most famous bus of this type, a typical red London double-decker bus, seats between 60 and 80 passengers. …
  • Berlin, Germany. …
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka. …
  • Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China. …
  • Mumbai, India. …
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.

What city in the country first had double-decker buses?

The first cities in North America to use modern double-decker buses in their public transit systems were Victoria and Kelowna, British Columbia, in 2000. These buses were imported from the U.K. and were immediately popular with both locals and tourists.

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