Can I change my Bus Eireann ticket?

In addition, through travel from Expressway services to Bus Éireann local services and vice versa, is no longer permitted. Tickets may be amended or cancelled up to one hour before your selected service is scheduled to depart from its journey origin.

Can I give my bus ticket to someone else?

If you only have pay as you go credit on your Oyster card, you can lend it to someone else. Two people can’t use the same contactless or Oyster card for a journey. If you have a Travelcard, Bus & Tram Pass or discount added to your Oyster card, you can’t lend it to someone else.

Can you get a refund on Bus Eireann tickets?

You must make all refund claims no later than 30 days after the date of outward travel on your unused ticket. Claims for refunds in respect of unused tickets will be considered solely at the discretion of Bus Eireann and will be subject to an administration charge of €5 per transaction.

How do I change my gobus ticket?

You can change your reservation through the website as long as it is not within 48 hours of your original departure. Joining Go Buses rewards can allow you to manage your reservations closer to departure time. Learn more about Go Buses Rewards here. GO Tickets may be subject to cancellation and change fees.

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Does Bus Eireann give change?

Paying with cash: An exact fare system is operated by Dublin Bus and only coins (not notes) are accepted. No change is given.

Can you send Stagecoach tickets?

You can now send mobile tickets to another registered Stagecoach Bus App user. You’ll need to enter the email address of the person you want to send the ticket to, so make sure they have a Stagecoach Bus account.

How do I add Arriva to Apple wallet?

How to add a travel card on your iPhone

  1. On your iPhone, open the Wallet app.
  2. Tap the Add button .
  3. Tap Travel Card to add a new travel card or tap Previous Card to add a travel card you previously added to the Wallet app.
  4. Choose a travel card from the list, or search by location or card name.
  5. Tap Continue.

How do I contact Bus Éireann?

Contact & Support

  1. Bus Éireann. Email: …
  2. Dublin Bus. Email: …
  3. Go-Ahead Ireland. Email: …
  4. M&A Coaches. Email: | …
  5. JJ Kavanagh. Email: …
  6. Andrew Wharton. …
  7. Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail. …
  8. Luas.

Are Bus Eireann refunding school transport?

Bus Eireann has issued a refund for school closures from 6 January until 26 March 2021. If you did not pay the fee for this period, you are not due a refund. The Department of Education is processing any grants due for 2020-2021 school year based on statements of attendance provided by schools.

Can you pay with card on GO bus?

To pay your fare, you can buy a ticket or pass or use your PRESTO card. You use the same ticket or pass whether you take a GO train, a GO bus, or a combination of both for your trip. PRESTO automatically applies a fare credit when transferring between GO vehicles.

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How much is a child ticket on Bus Eireann?

Bus Éireann

Fare type Fare stage/route
Adult 0-11 stages €2.40
Adult 12+ stages €2.80
Child Schoolchild €1.10

What is the charge of GO bus?

GO local with short distance fares

All shorter length trips of 10km or less across the GO network are only $3.70 when you use your PRESTO card, or $4.40 with a paper ticket.

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