Can you buy Megabus tickets on the day?

Do megabus tickets get cheaper closer to the date?

Prices go up and up as you get closer to the departure date. Also, while $1 seats are awesome, the seats go up in price as more are sold. Scoring a $5 or $9 seat is pretty amazing too. If you see a low fare, jump on it.

Do you have to pre book megabus?

We’d recommend that you book in advance to avoid disappointment, as megabus is only able to guarantee travel to passengers who have a valid reservation number for their journey.

What happens if you miss the megabus?

Megabus Conclusion

Megabus does not offer any refund if you don’t show up on time. If you know that you will miss your Megabus then you can change your ticket to an updated time. You have to contact Megabus at least 6 hours before the departure time. Megabus will charge you extra for updating your ticket.

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How early should you arrive for megabus?

Customers are required to be at their departure point at least 15 minutes before their selected trip is scheduled to depart. This allows megabus drivers to board customers in a timely manner avoiding any delays that may impact the departure of the vehicle.

Does Megabus leave right on time?

Seriously. You need to be at your bus’s departure point at least 15 minutes before departure. If you’re not there on time, the bus will leave without you, and you’ll be stuck holding a worthless ticket (because Megabus doesn’t issue refunds for passengers who don’t show up). But all is not lost if your plans change.

How do you get the Megabus $1 deal?

Here are our top pointers to ensure you score $1 tickets:

  1. Book 2-4 weeks in advance, or earlier. The absolute best way to find a $1 bus ticket is by booking early. …
  2. Have flexible arrival and departure dates. …
  3. Book regional travel. …
  4. Book tickets, even if you’re unsure.

Where can I buy Megabus tickets?

How do I make a reservation? Customers are invited to reserve your travel directly online at Book early to get the best price and choice of seat. Customers may also call 1-866-488-4452 to place an order over the phone.

Can I bring food on Megabus?

Customers are allowed to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages onboard. Passengers are not permitted consume or bring alcoholic beverages onboard. Customers are asked to remove all garbage as a courtesy to other passengers and the operator.

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Are you allowed to drink alcohol on Megabus?

bring hot food on board, eat or drink items which make the environment unpleasant for other customers or otherwise cause offence. Drinks should be fitted with a safety lid to avoid spillage. consume alcohol. play loud music, or operate a personal device at a volume which may be heard by other passengers.

Do I need ID for megabus?

While photo identification is not required to board the bus, we recommend that travelers be prepared to produce a photo ID with proof of age to avoid being refused from traveling on our buses due to being underage.

Can you show megabus tickets on phone?

Do I need to print my Megabus ticket? You can either print out the confirmation email or pull it up on your phone when you are boarding. Just show your phone to the driver. Megabus allows you to reserve select seats starting at only $1 extra per ticket!

Can you get a refund if you miss megabus?

We don’t offer refunds on any delayed journeys.

Why is the Megabus so cheap?

Such budget travel is possible because the company only serves the most popular routes and only on a limited, relatively random schedule. So the cheap fare you are after may only be offered on selected routes and only on certain days of the week.

Do students get discount on Megabus?

If you’re a student and have a valid TOTUM card you can get 10% off your ticket when booking.

Can you sit anywhere on the Megabus?

General Seating

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You can select any open seat from this section when you board the bus.

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