Can you use car wax on RV?

While you can use a car wax on your RV if it’s painted, if it has parts that are fiberglass or have a gel coating, you’ll want to use a special RV wax. Not using the correct wax can result in oxidation which leaves fiberglass looking chalky or dull.

Can you use regular car wax on an RV?

If your RV is painted, you can use regular car wax. But, if your RV has areas with fiberglass or gel coating, use the RV wax we mentioned above. … Without proper maintenance, oxidation can occur which leaves fiberglass looking dull, hazy and even chalky over time.

What kind of wax do you use on an RV?

RV fiberglass wax in the form of liquid is the most often used in the industry. Liquid wax is available in huge bottles, with a volume that is considerably more appropriate for a large RV. Application across a large area is quite simple, and it can be used for both hand and power application to your equipment.

What is the best wax for a fiberglass RV?

5 Best Fiberglass RV Waxes In 2021

  • Best Overall: Thetford 32523 Premium RV Wax.
  • Best For Easy Application: MEGUIAR’S M6332 Flagship RV Wax.
  • Best For Oxidation Removal: MEGUIAR’S MG Fiberglass Oxidation Wax For RV.
  • Best Budget-Friendly: Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax.
  • Best For Restoring Shine: 3M Marine 09006 Wax For RV.
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Should you wax RV?

You should use a wax formulated specifically for RV surfaces. If your RV has corrugated aluminum siding, use a car wax formulated for metal surfaces. For fiberglass siding and glossy gel coat finishes, use a wax formulated for those types.

Should you wax a fiberglass RV?

Protect your Fiberglass RV from irreparable damage by washing it once a month to prevent buildup. Choose a cleaner with a wax additive to help with a clean finish and makes dirt harder to settle. It is prudent to have your RV waxed, with liquid or paste wax, at least once a year to maintain the gloss.

How do I stop my RV from oxidation?

Wash and Wax Your RV

Aside from keeping your RV covered, washing and waxing your RV are the best ways to prevent RV oxidation. You can wash your RV as often as once a month, and you should wax it at least twice a year. Wax helps keep your RV clean and shiny and protects the gel coat, but it doesn’t last forever.

Can I wash my RV with Dawn dish soap?

It is not recommended to wash your RV with Dawn dish soap as you may strip away your motorhome’s coating. Instead, use any car wash or RV wash products. A soft brush and a sponge are both good to clean your RV.

Can you wax over decals?

You can wax over vinyl stickers, decals and graphics if they are smooth and glossy in appearance. For those that are matte finished it’s best not to wax over them, but we have seen some really good success with Gold Class Trim Detailer lightly applied to matte finished graphics.

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How often should you wax RV?

Waxing your RV should be thought of as must-do maintenance twice a year to keep the paint in good shape. Not only does it keep the paint looking better, but also it will help prevent staining and sometimes chipping. When waxing, do a two-foot section at a time. This gives you control.

How much does it cost to wax an RV?

The average RV is between 21 feet – 27 feet in length. Getting it washed and waxed will cost between $150 – $200 Having the inside cleaned will cost between $50 – $150. This makes the average cost of having an RV completely detailed between $200 and $350.

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