Do you have to stop for flashing yellow lights on a school bus?

Two-lane road and the school bus is displaying flashing yellow lights: Flashing yellow lights are an indication that the bus is going to stop. … A driver must come to a complete stop at least 15 feet from the bus and remain stopped until the vehicle’s flashing red lights deactivate and the stop arm is retracted.

What do you do when a school bus is flashing yellow lights?

When school bus lights are flashing

  1. When you approach a school bus from either direction (from the front or the rear), and it has the alternating amber lights flashing, you must be ready to stop. …
  2. If you pass a school bus that has its alternating amber lights flashing, pass with caution.
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Are you supposed to stop when bus lights are yellow?

The warning lights are amber in colour and are located at the top of the bus. When engaged, these light will flash intermittently. A school bus driver activates these lights AT LEAST 100 feet before stopping. When these amber lights flash you should immediately be prepared to stop.

What does it mean when a school bus flashes yellow?

Caution. Yellow, or amber, lights mean caution. When amber lights begin flashing on top of a school bus, they mean that the school bus is slowing down and preparing to stop. You must proceed with caution and watch for children by the side of the road.

When a school bus has its flashing yellow lights on you may pass at *?

If you see flashing yellow lights, that means the school bus is about to stop. If you’re behind it, it’s illegal to pass on the right side. If you’re going the opposite direction, though, passing a school bus with flashing yellow lights is okay.

Can you pass a school bus with flashing yellow lights in NY?

You MUST stop whether you are approaching a school bus from the front or from the rear. Even on divided or multi-lane highways, you must stop when you see the lights. School buses are equipped with yellow warning lights that flash before the bus comes to a complete stop.

Can you pass a school bus with flashing yellow lights in Ohio?

While it is acceptable to pass a school bus with yellow warning lights flashing, it is both dangerous and illegal to pass a school bus with red lights flashing. For questions regarding this information, please contact the Pupil transportation office at the Ohio Department of Education.

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In what situation would you not have to stop for a school bus when it has its red lights flashing *?

Passing A School Bus – It is illegal to pass a school bus when its red lights are flashing and its stop arm is extended. You are not required to stop for a school bus with its red lights flashing if it is on the opposite side of a separated roadway.

When you approach a school bus with flashing lights?

You must stop when you approach a school bus with flashing red lights activated and stop arm extended. If you are driving on a highway that is divided by a barrier or unimproved median, you are required to stop only if you are traveling in the same direction as the school bus.

What does it mean if a school bus has flashing amber lights flashing?

“Flashing amber lights are a signal that the school bus is preparing to stop, so drivers need to slow down, pay attention and proceed carefully,” State Patrol Lt. Karl Mittelstadt said in a statement.

What do the school bus lights mean?

School buses are like traffic signals:

When overhead lights are flashing yellow: Prepare to stop. When overhead lights are flashing red: Stop. When hazard warning lights are flashing: Proceed with caution.

What does flashing yellow light mean?

Any flashing yellow signal means drivers are to slow down and proceed through the intersection with caution. A flashing red signal means motorists should come to a complete stop before proceeding.

What do flashing lights on bus mean?

Lights flash on buses to warn motorists that buses are picking up and dropping off children. By law, a driver must not overtake or pass a bus with flashing lights at more than 40km/h. Lights begin to flash when the bus stops and the doors open, and they keep flashing for about 20 seconds after the doors close.

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Can you pass a bus with flashing yellow lights in PA?

Although it is not illegal to pass a bus with amber lights flashing, amber lights are immediately followed by red lights, so taking action to pass or meet a bus with amber lights flashing means that the driver risks passing or meeting the bus when the lights have actually turned red.

What do yellow lights on a bus mean?

Flashing Yellow Lights – Prepare to stop…

Bus drivers trigger the flashing yellow lights on the upper half of the bus as a warning that they are about to stop. They are typically activated about 200 feet prior to stopping.

Do you have to stop for a school bus on a 4 lane road in Illinois?

On roads with four lanes or more, with traffic in both directions, vehicles traveling in the opposite direction of a stopped school bus need not stop. On two-lane roads, all traffic in both directions of travel must stop when meeting a stopped school bus.

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