How do bus drivers learn routes?

How do bus drivers know their route?

In association with transport for NSW, Bus Directions is an easy to use mobile and tablet app which allows statewide bus drivers and privately owned bus depots to track their usual routes via GPS tracking system.

What do bus drivers hate?

20 Things Passengers Do That Bus Drivers Hate

  1. 1 When Folks Leave Sticky Snacks On The Seats.
  2. 2 When Friends Never Stop Talking For Hours On End. …
  3. 3 When Kids Won’t Stay Seated. …
  4. 4 When Too Many People Try To Jam In. …
  5. 5 Bring Their Pets On The Bus (Unless They’re Service Animals) …

Why do bus drivers drive so fast?

Buses run on a schedule and they have what’s called timing points, meaning every stop they stop at has a set time they are supposed to arrive at said stop. If traffic or accidents or the weather interfere with that and slow them down they have drive a bit faster or slower to make up the time difference.

What are the pros and cons of driving a school bus?

Top 10 Being a School Bus Driver Pros & Cons – Summary List

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Being a School Bus Driver Pros Being a School Bus Driver Cons
You have free weekends Teleworking is not possible
School bus drivers have plenty of time off Questionable job security
You can improve your driving skills Many jobs will vanish in the future

Do MTA bus drivers have GPS?

Usage and software. MTA Bus Time allows riders to track the location of buses along a route. … The hardware is provided by two companies, Verifone and Cubic Transportation Systems, with GPS devices supplied by Trimble Navigation, and open source software called OneBusAway.

Can bus drivers take your phone?

The driver reserves the right to refuse any item on the bus that they see as a safety risk to the students. … The bus driver may confiscate any cell phone until that particular students bus stop, at that point it will be given back to the student.

Why do buses skip stops?

Bus operation

Skip-stop operation reduces travel time and increases the number of buses that the streets and bus stops are able to accommodate. With skip-stop operations, bus routes are typically grouped together by geographic area in order to provide a common stop for areas that are served by multiple routes.

Why are buses always late?

Bus bunching occurs because bus routes are inherently unstable. When the buses are on schedule, everything seems to work fine. They travel from stop to stop, waiting at each for passengers to exit or climb aboard. … So late buses need to spend more time at each subsequent stop, causing them to run even later.

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Can bus drivers refuse to let you on without a mask?

Drivers cannot enforce the law around face coverings but they will issue a special ticket to passengers who are not exempt, advising it is the customer’s responsibility to comply with the law. The police have the authority to issue fixed penalty notices for those who refuse. Q.

Is driving a bus hard?

Driving a bus is not that much more complicated than driving a car. You do have to be more careful, given the length and weight of a bus, as well as the responsibility you have to your passengers. However, the basics are the same, though you may need to learn to shift if you’ve never driven a standard before.

Do bus drivers get abused?

Abuse of London’s bus drivers is unacceptable and TfL does not tolerate threatening behaviour towards its staff. … TfL’s figures show that the number of assaults against drivers (which includes both physical assault and verbal abuse) has declined for the fourth consecutive quarter.

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