How do you stop a campervan theft?

How do I keep my campervan from being stolen?

Make sure your motorhome is fitted with an alarm and an immobiliser. Loud noises will attract immediate attention, deterring thieves, while immobilisers will make the process of stealing your motorhome all but impossible, even if they have managed to bypass the alarm.

How do you secure a camper van?

When at home, keep the keys to your van or motorhome in a secure place apart from everyday keys. Using steering/gear clamps when your van is in storage. Install a tracking device in your vehicle in the unfortunate event of a stolen van. Keep your valuable items out of view from anyone looking in the windows.

What is the best security for a campervan?


  • Alarms.
  • Immobilisers.
  • Security film for the windows.
  • Deadlocks.
  • Steering locks or crook locks.
  • Wheel clamps.
  • Gear locks.
  • Trackers.

How can I stop my van from being stolen?

The basic steps you can take to help prevent vehicle theft

  1. Always lock your van when it’s unattended. …
  2. Be careful not to advertise what might be inside your van. …
  3. Don’t leave behind valuables or any signs of them. …
  4. Remove expensive tools and equipment from your vans. …
  5. Keep your keys out of reach and sight.
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What happens stolen campervan?

With the average age of owners of both vehicle types being 50 years or over, both are likely to be treasured possessions that retirees have heavily invested in. Tracker told This is Money that caravans and motorhomes accounted for over £1million worth of assets stolen and recovered by the firm last year.

Are motorhome trackers worth it?

Motorhome trackers are a fantastic investment for owners who are looking to protect their vehicles. You never know when would-be thieves are ready to strike. However, with our wide range of motorhome tracking systems, you can make sure you have eyes on your vehicle at all times.

How are thieves breaking into vans?

Thieves simply use a wrench or like tool and remove the outer plastic surrounding the door lock, before twisting and prising away the lock from the fitting. The door will then unlock, open and result in the back doors also unlocking for easy access.

How do I make my motorhome secure?

Here’s the essential motorhome & camper van security kit we recommend:

  1. Best Wheel clamp for motorhomes or caravans.
  2. Secure steering locks for motorhomes.
  3. Best Clutch/ Pedal protector.
  4. BEST Habitation door lock.
  5. Improve cab door security.
  6. BEST wireless Motorhome security camera.
  7. Make windows harder to access.

Should I cover my camper van?

Outside. DON’T buy a big tarpaulin and cover your vehicle with it. This will actually stop the air circulating around, and cause mould to develop inside the vehicle.

Do deadlocks on vans work?

If you think that getting additional van door locks fitted would be beneficial for the security for your van, then a deadlock is a good lock to purchase. You can trust that deadlocks for vans have been tried and tested over the years and they are now incredibly reliable.

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