How many buses do Lothian Buses have?

Thousands of people use our bus services regularly – they’re an important part of everyday life in Edinburgh and the Lothians. We connect the region with over 70 services and more than 700 buses which run day and night throughout the year.

Who owns Lothian busses?

Our longest route is the service X15, which is over 24 miles long. This year on boxing day we will cover over 27,000 miles – that’s more than once round the whole planet.

Are Lothian Buses publicly owned?

It is entirely municipally owned, being 91% owned by the City of Edinburgh Council, with the remainder owned by Midlothian, East Lothian and West Lothian councils, although it no longer provides bus services in West Lothian under the same name.

Can you eat on Lothian Buses?

No food or drink may be consumed while travelling on our buses. Hot drinks must be carried in a sealed container.

Are Lothian Buses Electric?

Lothian Buses will use the electric buses, each of which is 10.8m long and has seats for up to 72 passengers, on its route 10 between Leith, Edinburgh city centre and Bonaly. Their introduction enables Edinburgh to take a major step in its journey towards the city becoming Net Zero by 2030.

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How many bus stations are there in Edinburgh?

There are currently 12 stations within the City of Edinburgh Council area.

Do Lothian Buses have dash cams?

Cameras are sited so that they capture images that are relevant to Lothian Buses or our subsidiary companies. The images recorded by our CCTV System are of a high resolution, colour digital format, with audio in certain areas, recorded onto a hard drive.

Can I use my Lothian bus pass on East Coast buses?

2.1 Ridacards can be used for travel on all Lothian Buses services, NightBuses, Lothian country (city & cityWEST zones) and East Coast Buses zones A & B. Ridacard is not valid for travel on special services, East Coast Buses zones C-F and Edinburgh Bus Tours.

Are buses running today in Edinburgh?

Buses run 24 hours a day and are extremely frequent.

Can you take a dog on a Lothian bus?

The city’s Lothian buses also allow dogs if there is space on the bus – but may only let one on at a time and priority will be given to guide dogs, assistance dogs and learning dogs. If you can find a space, your dog must be on its lead or in a suitable cage or carry-case.

Are dogs still allowed on buses?

The rules in full state: “You can take an assistance dog on our bus and Underground services. You can also take any other dog or inoffensive animal on our bus and Underground services, unless there is a good reason for us to refuse it (such as if the animal seems dangerous).

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Can I take my bike on the bus Lothian?

Lothian Buses on Twitter: “@MGC1101 Bikes can be taken on the bus aslong as it can be folded and put into a suitable carrying bag.”

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