How much does a Unimog RV cost?

Sound like your ideal camper van? Rest assured this Maxi-‘Mog won’t carry a Minnie Winnie price. Bocklet is more than willing to build duplicates of his camper for customers, but each will carry a price tag of roughly $306,000.

How much does a Unimog camper cost?

However, with a $580,000 starting price, that’s to be expected. That’s even more than Global Expedition Vehicles’ Unimog. Finding a Unimog camper isn’t easy. But it makes for a truck that can genuinely travel the world.

How much is a Unimog 2020?

A rare Mercedes-Benz U500 Unimog has hit the market for $369,000. The off-road beast is super capable, featuring tons of ground clearance, a central tire-inflation system, a bare-bones interior, and a turbodiesel engine that puts out a rated 700 pound-feet of torque.

How much does Unimog cost?

A: The average price of a Mercedes-Benz Unimog is $41,719.

How much does a 2019 Unimog cost?

With the price of a new U5023 starting at $225,000, they fall directly in to the realm of exotic vehicles.

Is the Unimog street legal?

Reportedly street-legal in the US, and built atop a 1977 chassis (which grants it historic status in Germany), this short-cab, flatbed Unimog U1300 SE rides on 22-inch wheels shod with enormous Michelin XZL 445/65 rubber. … (For benchmarking purposes, the Brabus-tuned Unimog makes 285 hp and 829 lb-ft of twist.)

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How much is a Unimog u4000?

The Unimog 4000 Camper has a price tag of €248,300 (US$304,300).

Can you buy a new Unimog?

And while Unimog production started in 1948, Mercedes didn’t take over until 1951. But, although Mercedes-Benz still makes the Unimog, it’s not for sale in the US. Or at least, it’s not for sale right now in the US. Because for at least two brief periods the ultra-capable overlander was available here.

What Licence do you need for a Unimog?

you must be 17 & have your full “B” car licence if it is an agricultural tractor.

Are Unimogs any good?

Unimogs are reliable vehicles that were built to do tough jobs. Many of them aren’t meant to be driven on roads, but should instead be used on uneven terrain. Unimogs work well in most terrains and environments. They last at least fifteen years, and many people own Unimogs that are forty years old.

How much can a Unimog tow?

Reportedly housing a 228bhp, 5.1-litre turbodiesel engine, the Unimog can use its 664lb ft of torque ito tow along 1,000 tonnes of cargo. That’s one million kilos. The equivalent of hitching up 1,852 Caterham 310Rs in one long line. Crazy.

How many MPG does a Unimog get?

Technical data

U 1300 L U 1700 L
Fuel consumption 17.5–19 L/100 km (16.1–14.9 mpgimp; 13.4–12.4 mpgUS) 20–22 L/100 km (14–13 mpgimp; 12–11 mpgUS)
Turning radius 14,100 mm (46.26 ft)
Approach angle 46°
Departure angle 51°

Can you drive a Unimog on the highway?

Despite the vehicle’s immense size, a person doesn’t need a commercial driver’s license to pilot this beast on public roads in the United States.

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How much is a Unimog vehicle?

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog starts at around $225,000, but that’s for a bare-bones single-cab vehicle.

Are Unimogs street legal in Canada?

By the letter of the law, under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act (HTA), Unimogs are, in fact, classed as Road-Building Machines. They are considered to be off-road vehicles, and are subject to the same rules as a tractor or a backhoe.

Do you need a truck license to drive a Unimog?

You need a medium rigid truck licence to drive it on the road, and trained technicians in Brisbane and Melbourne take care of servicing, which, according to Jim, is surprisingly straightforward. “Just filters and oil – there’s plenty of ’em.”

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