Question: How do I keep my RV cabinets from opening?

How do I secure my RV cabinets?

Tips for keeping items secure while your RV is in motion include:

  1. Use nails or screws for wall items.
  2. Try velcro strips or 3M Command strips.
  3. Install hooks.
  4. Clear off your counters.
  5. Check latches on cabinets and drawers.
  6. Bungee cords are your friend.
  7. Line shelves with non-slip mats.
  8. Store items in plastic containers.

How do you fix an RV drawer that won’t stay closed?

Tie bungee cords around two or more drawer handles to keep them shut. If you can’t drill holes or install new latches in your RV then bungee cords are a quick and easy fix for drawers that won’t stay shut. If you have a line of drawers on top of each other, you can tie them all together using a bungee cord with hooks.

How do you lock a drawer that is closed?

Use adjustable safety locks

Try an adjustable lock. These locks have two plastic anchors on either side and a strip of silicone or plastic in the middle. You attach one end to the side of the dresser or counter, and the other end to the front of the drawer. Then, you pull the strip tight enough to keep the door closed.

How do I keep my RV glasses from breaking?

No Shake, Rattle or Roll

Use plastic foam in your motorhome cabinets to keep the glassware in place and keep it from banging around.

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How do I keep my furniture from moving in my RV?

If you’re not stuck on Velcro, bungee cords might be a safe bet. Screw four eye bolts into the floor of your RV, near the rear, with enough space between them for the furniture you’re hoping to strap down. Then, using a bungee cargo net, cover the furniture and secure it to the floor using eye bolts.

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