Question: How do you make autobus plural in Italian?

What is the plural form of autobus in Italian?

6. Foreign Nouns

L’ Autobus Autobus
IL Taxi Taxi
IL Film Film
Lo Sport Sport

Is autobus masculine or feminine Italian?

Words like “bar” that end in a consonant are generally masculine, such as autobus, film, or sport.

How do you change Italian words to plural?

In Italian, nouns are pluralized by a change in the last vowel. In short: Nouns ending with -a are pluralized with -e if feminine (most common) or with -i if masculine. Nouns ending with -e or -o are pluralized with -i.

Is Stazione singular or plural?

It is important to remember that this is true no matter if the noun is one of those ending in -e in the singular and -i in the plural: if it is feminine, it gets a feminine article, singular or plural: La stazione, le stazioni: the station, the stations.

Is Leccion a male or female?

Feminine, words ending in “a, dad, ción”, for example “la casa, la ciudad, la lección” are generally feminine.

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Is Casa male or female?

Spanish is very kind in that it’s usually easy to work out whether a noun is masculine or feminine. If it ends in an O it is masculine. If it ends in an A it is feminine. E.g. Mundo (world), Trabajo (job), Perro (dog) are all masculine, and Casa (house), Palabra (word), Hora (hour) are all feminine.

What is the plural of Casa in Italian?

Pluralizing Feminine Nouns Ending in -A

Singolare Plurale
la casa le case the house/houses
la penna le penne the pen/pens
la pizza le pizze the pizza/pizzas
la ragazza le ragazze the girl/girls

What is the plural of autobus in Spanish?

au·to·bus. plural -bus·es, o -bus·ses, autobús masculine , ómnibus masculine.

How do you say plural in Italian?

l’ is used for masculine singular nouns starting with a vowel. When you’ve got more than one thing, you’ll use either i or gli. I is used for masculine plural nouns starting with a consonant. gli is used for masculine plural nouns starting with a vowel.

What is the plural of Classe in Italian?

class, type, group. (military) “Une classe de conscrits” refers to all the recruits conscripted in a particular year, similar to the idea of a cohort. In the plural, “classes” refers to a period of military training.

How do you know if something is singular or plural in Italian?

How to Form Singular and Plural in Italian

-ca / -ga (il monarca, la bottega) Masculine: -chi / -ghi (i monarchi) Feminine: -che / -ghe (le botteghe)
-cia / -gia (la farmacia, la pioggia) If preceded by a vowel: -cie / -gie (le farmacie) If preceded by a consonant: -ce / -ge (le piogge)
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What is the plural form of Zaino?

The word for backpack, knapsack or rucksack in Italian is zaino (masculine, plural: zaini).

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