Quick Answer: Do all RV hot water heaters have anode rods?

Does My RV water heater have an anode?

This anode is located at the bottom of the water heater tank and is also often used as a drain to empty the RV water heater. When you have the right tools, the anode unscrews easily and just pull on it to remove it from the tank.

Why doesn’t my water heater have an anode rod?

If your water heater doesn’t have a separate hole for your anode rod, it is most likely attached to the hot water outlet. Unscrew the flex supply to the hot water outlet, which should enable you to unscrew the anode rod and pull it out to check.

Can you run a water heater without an anode rod?

Without a working anode rod, your water heater tank will be vulnerable to rust, corrosion, and other damaging effects of chemicals and minerals in your water supply.

Do Dometic water heaters have anode rods?

Atwood (Dometic) water heaters are made of light-weight aluminum tanks and do not have an anode rod.

Are RV anode rods universal?

In most cases, water heater anode rods are universal. The only exceptions are : Buderus : They use another type of threading to install the magnesium anode.

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Does an Atwood RV water heater have an anode rod?

The Atwood RV water heats like the part # AT96163 that you were looking at do indeed feature an aluminum-clad tank that eliminates the need for an anode rod.

How do I know what size anode rod I need?

As a rule you want the anode to be “tip to toe” running the full height or length of the tank. If you cant see your brand on the chart then just measure the length of the tank and pick the closest length of anode. If the anode is too long they can be simply cut to length with a hack saw.

Do I need an anode in my water heater?

Some water heaters have two anodes. Not only is it important to put an aluminum/zinc anode into the heater; it’s also important to remove all previous anodes or the hot water will still smell.

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