Quick Answer: How do you thank a bus driver on a computer?

Thank the bus driver PC – Press ‘B’ on the keyboard while inside the Battle Bus. Thank the bus driver PS4 – Press ‘Down’ on the D-pad while inside the Battle Bus.

How do you thank a bus driver on mobile?

Thanking the bus driver on mobile (for either Android or iOS devices) meanwhile, requires players to touch the emote icon on the right side of the screen while they’re still in the battle bus. Playing 11 matches may seem excessive, but players can speed up the process if they want by dying as soon as they land.

How do you thank a bus driver in fortnite?

How do you thank the bus driver in Fortnite

  1. PC – ‘B’ on the keyboard.
  2. PlayStation – ‘Down’ on the D-pad.
  3. Xbox – ‘Down’ on the D-pad.
  4. Nintendo Switch – ‘Down’ on the D-pad.
  5. Mobile and Tablets – ‘Emote’ in the top right corner of the screen.

Does thanking the bus driver do anything?

On the bottom left of the screen, a message will display saying “[player] has thanked the bus driver.” That’s about it, really, and there’s no effect on the actual game if you do choose to thank the bus driver. We just hope you reciprocate it in real life.

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How do you thank a bus driver on Xbox one?

On PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch simply press down on the D-Pad while in the Battle Bus. That’s the lower button on the left side of your controller. You’ll see your gamertag pop up on the screen followed by “thanked the bus driver.” He never says “You’re welcome” but we know he (or she) appreciates it.

Does thanking the bus driver give you XP?

Usually, when players thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite, nothing special happens. They don’t get any XP, Gold Bars, or V-bucks (just in case some players might be wondering). It’s just a little Easter egg that Epic Games added back in 2018.

How do you thank the bus driver in bus simulator Roblox?

To thank the driver say, “Thanks (or thx, thank, and thank you) [Bus Drivers username]” or “+rep [Bus Drivers username]”.

What happens if you tip bus driver fortnite?

If you leave the bus driver a large tip, a message will appear in the kill feed, noting that you have made the tip. It’ll read “[Your username] very generously tipped the bus driver!” The message lasts for about three seconds before disappearing from the screen.

What does tipping the bus driver do fortnite?

Fortnite’s bus driver gives secret reward for 4,000 Gold Bar tip. If Fortnite players ever find themselves with too much gold on their hands, an option to show charity and generosity is available to them. … These messages often hilariously show up just as one kills another player in a fight.

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How do you thank the bus driver in Island Royale Roblox?

You can press F on the keyboard to thank the bus driver (very important, you’ll lose the game 100%). This feature got added in January of 2019. You can see the bus in the middle of the Starter Settlement before it gets used to teleport you.

Where did thanking the bus driver come from?

According to KnowYourMeme.com, the meme originated on Reddit two weeks ago, when a user elevated “people who say thanks to the bus driver” to pharaoh status.

What does the bus driver look like in fortnite?

The bus looks like a school bus but is blue and says “Battle Bus” on the back rather than school bus, and there appears to be a party going on inside. It is possible to thank the Battle Bus driver by pressing your emote bind, while riding the bus. On PC it’s set to “B” by default.

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