Quick Answer: What are Palomino truck campers made of?

Palomino’s Maverick truck camper line is 100% aluminum framed and vacuum bonded. CENTER: Palomino stuffs their aluminum frames with wood to allow for a better screw bite when attaching cabinetry and other interior components.

What are truck campers made of?

The frames of Lance campers and trailers are made of rectangular aluminum tubing. The tubes are bonded to the Azdel and MIG-welded to each other. Some of the tubing ends are filled with wood, where they will be bolted together.

Is Palomino a good camper?

When choosing the perfect RV, it often comes down to brands that you know and trust. … Palomino has 50 years of experience in the industry and has become one of the top RV manufacturers in North America.

How much does a palomino truck camper weigh?

The 2021 Palomino SS-1251 is a pop-up truck camper with an MSRP of $16,224.


Dry Weight 1,795 pounds
Wet Weight* 2,505 pounds
Floor Length 8’6″
Overall Length 14’10”

Where are Palomino RVs made?

Where Are Palomino RVs Made? The Palomino motorhome brand has a few manufacturing facilities in North America. These facilities are located in Colon, Michigan, Middlebury, Indiana, and Goshen, Indiana.

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What campers are made with aluminum frames?

Here is a list of 9 RV’s with aluminum frames.

  • Airstream Flying Cloud Travel Trailer.
  • Aluma-Lite Travel Trailer.
  • Livin’ Lite’s Camplite Travel Trailer.
  • Rockwood Signature Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer. …
  • Heartland Wilderness 2475BH.
  • Grand Design Imagine 2150RB Travel Trailer.
  • River Flagstaff Micro Lite Travel Trailer.

What truck campers have aluminum frames?

Most truck camper manufacturers have switched to aluminum. Aside from your company, BundutecUSA, I think there are only four other companies—Northstar, Alaskan, Hallmark, and Adventurer—that still frame their campers out of wood.

Does Forest River Own Palomino?

Palomino RV is a division of Forest River, Inc., a company owned by Berkshire Hathaway, one of the world’s largest holding companies with a market capitalization of well over 150 billion dollars. There is not another RV manufacturer in the industry that has the financial backing behind them like Palomino RV.

How much is a Palomino camper?

Palomino truck campers cost anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000, depending on the model of the camper. As Palomino makes 28 different models of their truck camper, that offer varying floorplans, sizes, and designs.

How much is a palomino rogue camper?

The MSRP for a standard build 2020 Palomino Rogue is $12,249. The 2020 Palomino Rogue EB-2 is a pop-up truck camper for mid-size trucks like the Colorado Canyon, Ford Ranger, and Nissan Frontier. The interior floor length of the Palomino Rogue EB-2 is 6’6” and the interior height at its highest point is 7’2”.

How much does a palomino SS 550 weight?


Sleeps 2
Length 13 ft 5 in
Ext Width 8 ft
Ext Height 6 ft
Dry Weight 1594 lbs
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How much does a Palomino Bronco weight?

2012 Palomino Bronco B-1500 LB Specifications

Length (ft/ft) 14
Length (ft/in) 4
Height (closed) (in/closed) (ft/closed) (mm/closed) (m) 65 / 5.4 / 1651 / 1.7
Dry Weight (lbs/kg) 1678 / 761.1

What is a Palomino camper?

Palomino Backpack Edition Truck Campers. Discover a whole new world of adventure with the Backpack hard and soft side truck campers. These truck campers are designed to fit a wide range of trucks on the road today. The spacious living quarters are complete with all the features you would find in a much larger RV.

Who makes Palomino Sabre?

Sabre | Forest River RV – Manufacturer of Travel Trailers – Fifth Wheels – Tent Campers – Motorhomes.

Where are Puma campers made?

Puma RV Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Park Trailers, Toy Haulers. We are located in Northern Indiana where most of the RVs are built. We have RV manufacturing plants as close as 1/2 mile from our store.

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