What causes RV delamination?

Delamination is when the fiberglass or gelcoat outer layer of an RV starts to pull away from the substrate, usually luan or a light weight plywood. Delamination begins as small cracks and then starts to spread outward. These cracks can start as stress cracks, but are mostly accelerated by water intrusion.

Can delamination on RV Be Fixed?

To fix RV delamination, once it gets really bad, requires stripping the sides and basically rebuilding the exterior walls. In most cases, this is a cost-prohibitive total loss. … Or rather, maintaining good exterior wall seams will prevent it, or keep it from getting any worse.

Does heat cause RV delamination?

Excessive heat in your camper can also result in delamination of the walls. In this case, heat sources such as the heater may weaken the bonding agent in between the walls. Your camper may also be susceptible to delamination if you’re camping in an area with desert-like temperatures.

How much does it cost to fix RV delamination?

RV delamination repair kits

RV delamination repair epoxy kits can be found online for between $100 to $300. These kits contain epoxies, syringes, and tubing to repair the bond between the fiberglass and the inner layer.

Is delamination a problem?

This RV delamination problem is obvious. … Most owners don’t recognize the signs of RV delamination until it’s too late. Fiberglass RV walls can look smooth on the outside while real damage is unseen. When the problem becomes obvious, repair is usually expensive and often impossible to fix.

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How long do RV rubber roofs last?

Although most rubber roofs are guaranteed for 10-12 years and can easily last for 20 when well cared for, a snagged tree branch can tear the roofing membrane.

What is the meaning of delamination?

: separation into constituent layers.

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