What is a fantastic fan in an RV?

What does a fan-tastic vent do?

Fan-Tastic Vent will exchange the air in your vehicle in minutes. Cooking smoke and unpleasant aromas are whisked away in seconds. Fan-Tastic Vent can reduce the use of air conditioning allowing you to breathe natural, fresh ambient outside air.

Who makes fantastic fan for RV?

Simply Fan-Tastic

Dometic”s RV roof vents are made from high quality materials to withstand rough impact and harsh weather.. The core of this truly fantastic ventilation solution is a high performance axial fan that is integrated into the roof window.

When should I use my RV fan?

While covering the windows, parking in the shade, and drinking plenty of water all help keep you cool, a vent fan is by far the most useful way to cool down an extremely hot trailer or motorhome.

Can you drive with fantastic fan open?

The manufacturer states they are safe to leave open during travel, so wind isn’t a problem. I used to travel with mine open in the B190 frequently and never had a problem. Now rain could be an issue… Nearly 160000 miles on my classics traveling open Fantastic lids, not a problem yet!

How much power does a fantastic fan use?

Great for dry camping when you have to manage and sometimes conserve your power useage. Also great to answer your specific question. So the fan on high is 39.2 Watts and 18.8 Watts on low.

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Who owns fantastic fan?

In 1984, the Burton, Michigan creators of Fan-Tastic Vent recognized the need for better ventilation in RVs and solved the problem with their 12-volt high-efficiency ceiling fan.

How does fantastic fan rain sensor work?

The Dometic Fan-Tastic vent model 7350 features a rain sensor that automatically closes the dome when wet. The built in manual knob allows for closing the dome in the case of power loss. The powerful fan quickly moves air in and out of the cabin.

How do you turn off the rain sensor on fantastic fans?

(The Rain Sensor can be turned on/off by holding down the Up/Down button for 3 seconds).

Can fan wattage?

Can-Fan Max-Fan 6″ 334 CFM

High Speed Medium Speed
CFM: 334 at 0wg 264 at 0wg
RPM: 3305 2905
Max Watts: 75 66
Amps: 0.7 @ 120v AC 60 Hz 0.6 @ 120v AC 60Hz
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