Where are Autocruise motorhomes made?

Autocruise is a luxury motorhome manufacturer based in Mexborough, South Yorkshire. Established in 1998, Autocruise developed a strong reputation in the motorhome industry, designing well-known and well-loved motorhomes.

What happened to Autocruise motorhomes?

In 2008 Autocruise was purchased by SWIFT HOLDINGS who manufacture the well known Swift range of motorhomes. The expertise available is now ‘second-to-none’ in the UK. Over the past nine years, as part of the Swift group, the Autocruise brand has gone from strength to strength.

When did Swift take over Autocruise?

2007. Swift acquires Autocruise Motorhomes in South Yorkshire, together with the factory in Mexborough.

Where are swift motor homes made?

Since late 2008 Swift Leisure has dropped the Abbey and Ace brands of touring caravans. Within the Swift International division, the company has operations in Denmark, the Netherlands and New Zealand. The company moved manufacturing from Hedon Road, Kingston upon Hull to Dunswell Lane, near Cottingham in 1970.

What engine is in a swift motorhome?

A Coachbuilt motorhome based on a Fiat chassis. The Swift 630l is powered by a 2300 cc Diesel engine.

Who makes bessacarr motorhomes?

Bessacarr motorhomes now form part of the Swift Group, a multi-brand operation encompassing not only Bessacarr and the Swift brand itself, but also Sterling, Sprite, Escape and Autocruise. Swift bought the Bessacarr brand in 1996, taking over the manufacture of caravans under the brand.

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When did ABI stop making caravans?

However, sales did not reach expected levels, and in 2001 ABI(UK) Ltd announced its intention to cease all tourer manufacture to concentrate on the holiday home side of the business. The end of an era.

Where are Bailey caravans made?

All Bailey caravans are manufactured in a state of the art production facility in Bristol and are built using the acclaimed Alu Tech construction system.

Where are Coachman Caravans made?

United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, China and South Korea. Coachman Caravans Company Limited was set up in 1986 on a green-field site at its current manufacturing base on the Sutton Fields Industrial Estate in Hull.

Where are Eccles caravans made?

By the mid 1980’s caravans were produced with new design aerodynamic moulded front and rear exteriors and high specifications. During the early 1990’s Swift Group bought Sprite Leisure and in turn Eccles, moving production to Swift’s factory in Cottingham, near Hull.

How long is a Swift Kontiki 649?

A 28ft long tag axle, with a traditional overcab design. You get a full-length, recessed awning as standard. And not one, but two LED awning lights.

Swift Kon-tiki 649 factfile.

Model Swift Kon-tiki 649
Dimensions 8.56m L x 2.35m W x 3.08m H
Berths Six
Travel seats Six
Maximum weight 5,000kg

How long is a Swift Kontiki 669?

With a max weight of 5000kg, it measures 8.67m in length and 2.35m in width.

How long is a swift Kon-Tiki?

Product Specification

Layouts Kon-Tiki 764 Kon-Tiki 794
Overall Length # 7.84 7.84
Bed Sizes Kon-Tiki 764 Kon-Tiki 794
Front Double 194cm x 133cm / 106cm / 6’4” x 4’4” / 3’6″ 194cm x 133cm / 106cm / 6’4” x 4’4” / 3’6″
Rear Double 188cm x 129cm / 6’2“ x 4’3” 180cm x 143cm / 5’11” x 4’8”
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