Where can I camp with my RV on the beach?

What beaches can you sleep on?

Beaches You Can Camp On

  • Polihale State Park, Hawaii. …
  • Wright’s Beach, Sonoma Coast State Park in California. …
  • Portsmouth Island, Outer Banks in North Carolina. …
  • Olympic National Park, Washington. …
  • Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida. …
  • Bolivar Peninsula, Texas. …
  • Parsons Landing, Catalina Island in California.

Can RVS go on the beach?

As wonderful as RVing on the beach is, it doesn’t come without its hurdles. If you’ve ever tried to get comfortable on sheets covered with sand you know what I’m talking about. Still, whenever possible, I try to book an RV site directly on the sand. To me, there’s nothing more relaxing than a beach holiday.

Can I park my RV on the beach in Florida?

RV camping and Florida beaches might seem like a contradiction in terms, but it is possible to find both in state parks and commercial campgrounds in the Sunshine State. In most cases, you can’t park your RV right on the sand, but you can get close enough to hear the surf and know you’re at the beach.

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Can you use a camping tent at the beach?

Sure, the sand makes it difficult to pitch a tent, but you still should always set the guy lines off your tent (and/or tent fly) solidly into the sand. Regular tent pegs won’t really work in the sand. … you can just use stuff you find around the beach like pieces of driftwood, rocks, etc. to anchor your tent.

Can you camp out at the beach?

There are several picturesque beaches across the U.S. where you can set up camp. … All of the campgrounds listed below allow people to get close to the water or even camp right by the surf, and some even have grounds that allow RVs and campers. Here are 15 of the best beach camping spots in the United States.

Can you sleep in RV on beach?

Parking your rig in the sand can instantly transport you to a tropical paradise. And without the long security lines and stress of flying, it’s more convenient and closer to nature. RV beach camping lets you sleep in your own bed and relax in your own chairs as the waves lap the beach during golden hour.

What do I need to take my RV to the beach?

Keeping the Sand Where it Belongs…

Always pack separate beach and bath towels to avoid bringing sand into the RV. Hang up beach towels outside and bath towels inside. Our very favorite Quick Dry Towels can be found here. Do not allow any shoes in the RV.

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How do I keep my RV cool at the beach?

How to Keep Your RV Cool In Intense Summer Heat (Beyond The AC)

  1. Chill Out Under Your RV Awning and Shade Rooms.
  2. Block the Light Entering Through Your Windows.
  3. Park In the Shade.
  4. Hydrate Thoroughly.
  5. Don’t Cook Inside During the Day.
  6. Enjoy the Cooling Elements of the Outdoors.
  7. Head Towards Cooler Temperatures.

Where can you camp out on the beach in Florida?

Beach camping in Florida: 14 sandy sojourns

  • Mile Marker 56. Curry Hammock State Park. …
  • Fort Myers Beach. Red Coconut RV Resort. …
  • Siesta Key. Turtle Beach Campground. …
  • Apalachicola. St. …
  • Cocoa Beach. Jetty Park. …
  • St. Petersburg. …
  • Flagler Beach. Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area. …
  • St. Augustine.

Is Fort Desoto camping open?

Fort De Soto Park Camp Office hours: Friday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. / Saturday thru Thursday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. / Phone hours: Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Sites 1-85 Sites 86-236
Waterfront Rate $37.50 $42.50
Tourist Development Tax 2.25 2.55
State Tax 2.63 2.98
TOTAL BASE RATES $42.38 $48.03

How long can you camp in Florida?

Generally, the length of stay in any Florida state park is limited to 14 consecutive days. You may stay up to 28 days when demand is not great, but you are limited to no more than eight weeks’ stay in any six months at a particular park.

Why are tents not allowed on beaches?

Tents are not allowed on beaches as they often cause problems such as loitering, littering and hazards. … This can cause hazards for life guards, safety and emergency services.

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What’s the difference between a beach tent and a camping tent?

The Beach tent is waterproof and UV rays Resistant. They are usually designed with a high quality of heavy fabric. The camping tent is designed with tarpaulin fabric. If you have seen a camp tent, it would look like it is designed by heavy covering just in case to stay warm at night time.

Are tents good for the beach?

For people with young children, beach tents provide consistent and reliable beach shade—you won’t have to keep moving your umbrella like a sundial throughout the day to keep everyone covered. They can be anchored securely into the sand to withstand windy days.

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