You asked: How do I buy a bus ticket in Scotland?

You can buy a Rail & City Bus Tour ticket: From the ticket office at a staffed station. By phone on 0344 811 0141. On-train when boarding at a station where there are no booking facilities.

How do you pay for buses in Scotland?

If you have a saltire concession card you are eligible for free travel on all Stagecoach bus services in Scotland! It works the same as contactless, just pop your card on the ticket machine reader and voila! Click here to find out if you are entitled to a card. There’s a way to pay that suits everybody!

How much does a bus ticket cost in Scotland?

Single Tickets

Adult Young Person Concession with eligible Young Scot card
travel in 1 zone £1.80 £1.20
travel in 2 zones £2.80 £1.85
travel in 3 zones £3.80 £2.50
travel in 4 zones £4.80 £3.20

How do you pay on a bus?

There are different ways to pay for your bus fare:

  1. A contactless payment card to pay as you go.
  2. An Oyster card with pay as you go credit, Travelcard or Bus & Tram Pass.
  3. A Visitor Oyster card.
  4. A Day Travelcard or a One day Bus & Tram Pass.
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Is bus travel free in Scotland?

Scots over the age of 60 or with a disability are already eligible for free bus travel in Scotland. Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria must apply for a National Entitlement Card and should contact the local authority for details of the application process in their area.

Can I use a first bus ticket on a Mcgills bus?

Unfortunately, First Bus are unable to accept McGill’s GoSmart, while McGill’s are unable to accept First Bus tokens. … Ralph Roberts, Managing Director of McGill’s, said: “This cooperation between First and McGill’s is the sensible thing to do for those having to make essential journeys.

How do you pay for buses in Inverness?

It allows unlimited travel by bus in and around Inverness. You can purchase it from train ticket counters, ticketing machines or from the rail ticket retailing websites such as Scotrail Site. A single day adult ticket is 2.80 pounds without discount, and 1.85 pounds for Railcard holders.

How much does a bus ticket cost?

Bus ticket prices vary by route and carrier, but the average price of a bus ticket on popular routes tends to be between $20 and $50.

How much is a bus from Stirling to Falkirk?

The best way to get from Stirling to Falkirk is to train which takes 13 min and costs £1 – £50. Alternatively, you can line 38 bus, which costs £2 – £4 and takes 47 min.

Can I pay contactless on Lothian Buses?

Contactless is the best way to pay for travel on our buses – adult passengers can benefit from discounted daily and weekly capping when using TapTapCap. Contactless can also be used to pay for paper tickets (without capping), so you don’t need to worry about having the correct change.

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Can you pay by debit card on the bus?

Contactless is a simple and secure way to pay for bus travel without needing cash. … Look for the contactless symbol on your credit, debit or pre-paid cards. Most new cards are issued with this feature, however, if you’re not sure whether your card is contactless enabled please check with your bank or card issuer.

Can you pay with cash on buses?

Yes, we are and there is no government advice currently to stop accepting cash, but please try to use the exact fare. However, we encourage all of our customers to buy tickets using the First Bus App or to pay by contactless card when boarding.

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