You asked: Where do you caulk a camper?

Where do you caulk an RV?

Any area on your RV that is exposed to water and moisture, such as the roof or windows, will require a waterproof caulk. Some brands can be used when surface areas are wet, making application a lot easier.

How often should you caulk your camper?

Mike recommends that you caulk your camper twice a year; once after you de-winterize and once right when you are winterizing in the late fall. Mike also recommends two different sealants for truck campers.

Should you caulk around RV windows?

Should You Caulk Around RV Windows? If your window is properly sealed with butyl tape sealant, then you should only need to caulk the top of the window, making sure you caulk until the end of the corner radius. This will further prevent any water leaks.

What type of caulking should be used on exterior of RV campers?

Polyurethane sealant – This type of sealing caulk is flexible and can adhere well to different types of materials. It is ideal for use on RVs because it is still flexible even after it dries. It is also easy and quick to use.

How do I find a leak in my camper?

Common Leak Areas

Check for cracks, thinning, worn spots and other damage. This includes checking any sealants and/or caulk on the roof and around windows, moldings, vents, doors, skylights and roof seams. Keep in mind that not all of your water leaks will come from the exterior so look at all the possibilities.

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