How long does happy camper last?

Happy Camper is the best product I’ve ever used. There are, however, limits to everything. It depends on how long since you last dumped. I have held for as long as six weeks without odor.

Does happy camper expire?

When you receive your loaves, shelf-life is 3-weeks at Ambient, 2 months in Chill, 12 months in Frozen. For Ambient merchandising, we recommend to date 14-days since you received your loaves. For any questions, please let us know at and thank you so much for your interest in Happy Campers bread!

Does happy camper break down toilet paper?

In hot humid climates the Happy Camper eliminated the odor to nothing versus the drop in. The other reason is when we dump the black tank we have noticed that there is a significant difference in dissolving the toilet tissue. With the pods we had clumps of tissue but not with Happy Camper.

Can you mix happy camper with bleach?

Take one cup of bleach and mix it with four gallons of water. Next, add the solution to your tank and fill it up with fresh water. … Happy Campers Extreme Cleaner is arguably the most powerful waste tank cleaner available and it’s easy to use.

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Does happy camper breakdown solids?

We recommend flushing out the tanks before beginning the use of Happy Campers, but our product is designed to break down solids and eliminate odor effectively.

How do I clean my RV black tank?

Directions for Cleaning an RV Black Water Tank:

  1. Close the gray water tank valve the night before cleaning. …
  2. Clean your toilet. …
  3. Connect your hose. …
  4. Slowly turn on the water. …
  5. Pull the black water tank valve.
  6. Slowly turn the water on more. …
  7. Close the black water tank valve. …
  8. Open black water tank valve again.

How much is a happier camper HC1?

Happier Camper named its flagship trailer, the HC1, which begins at $29,950. The HC1 is designed to provide utility in a small footprint. Its dry weight is 1100 pounds, so it’s ideal for drivers with smaller vehicles. The HC1 is 13′ long, and its inside height is 6’1″.

What is happy campers made of?

From the MSDS (material safety data sheet) Happy Campers consists of Zinc salts and unnamed minerals. Worked extremely well for me in regards to cleaning up the black tank. Using product as specified. They also make an extreme cleaner for really serious problems.

Can you put baking soda in a RV toilet?

Clean the toilet with common household materials. For instance, try adding one-third cup of vinegar into the bowl and then mix in a little baking soda. Put a vinegar solution in a plastic bottle and spray the outer edge of the toilet. Add more baking soda to a toilet brush and complete the cleaning job.

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What is happy camper used for?

We have had customers report they have used the Happy Camper holding tank treatment to eliminate clogs in kitchen sinks and showers without worrying about damaging their RV’s plumbing.

Can I put baking soda in my black water tank?

“Home remedies” for cleaning the inside of your RV’s black water tank can vary. This can include filling it with hot water, or using baking soda. … Adding the detergent and water softener first before using the tank allows the substances to work in the tank longer, making this method more effective.

How much water should you leave in a black tank?

Keep the black tank valve closed until the tank is at least 2/3 full. (Dumping the tank when it is less than 2/3 full will not allow the tank to empty properly).

How do I get the sewer smell out of my camper?

Six Tips for Controlling RV Sewer Tank Odors

  1. Refill the Water to Keep Things Flowing Smoothly. …
  2. Add Water With Each Flush and Black Water Tank Chemicals. …
  3. Preventing and Cleaning Clogs. …
  4. Scour and Clean Your Tank. …
  5. Clean the Toilet and the Flapper. …
  6. Repair Work Needed.

How do I stop my camper toilet from smelling?

How to Keep Your RV Toilet from Smelling

  1. Keep the black tank closed.
  2. Use plenty of water when flushing.
  3. Add chemicals to your tank after every dump.
  4. Flush out the black tank after every dump.
  5. Keep your toilet clean.
  6. Check the vent pipe regularly.