What license do I need to drive a bus in NSW?

be the holder of an unrestricted Australian driver licence. have held your unrestricted Australian driver licence for a total of at least 12 months in the 2 years prior to your application. have passed a medical examination for a commercial driver.

What Licence do I need to drive a bus in NSW?

Heavy Vehicle Licence:

The first document required to be qualified to drive a bus is the Heavy Vehicle Licence. Most route buses only have two axles, one at the front that steers the bus, and one at the back that drives it. A bus like this (that is over 8 Tonne GVM) requires at least a Medium Rigid (MR) licence.

What kind of license do I need for a bus?

PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) was formerly known as PSV (Passenger Service Vehicle). The Bus PCV Category D licence allow drivers who pass the PCV Category D Bus licence to drive any kind of buse or coach including single deckers, double decker buses and also bendi buses.

How much does it cost to get a bus Licence in NSW?

TfNSW Application Fee is $70. Bus Driver Authority card will be issued for 3 years. Currency of the card will be depending on currency of applicant’s drivers licence and current medical examination, usually every 3 years if no medical condition and under the age of 60.

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Do you need a special Licence to drive a bus?

To operate public transportation buses, you will need a commercial driver’s license, known as a CDL. There are multiple classes of CDLs that identify what type of vehicle you can drive but only one allows passenger buses.

What license do I need to drive a bus in Australia?

To drive a bus in Australia you need a medium rigid (MR) or heavy rigid (HR) licence, there’s no such thing as a ‘bus licence’. The MR licence covers buses with a gross vehicle mass of more than eight tonnes and no more than two axles.

Can you drive a bus with an automatic Licence?

Automatic Bus Licence (PCV Category D) The PSV, Passenger service vehicle is now known as the PCV, passenger-carrying vehicle. … Once you are able to obtain this Licence, you will be authorized to drive any automated buses in London.

What is a B1 Licence?

A B1 driving licence category would be motor vehicles not exceeding 550kg and a C1 category driving licence (large goods vehicle) allows you to drive vehicles weighing between 3,500 and 7,500kg. See below a list of the latest driving licence category codes and descriptions issued by the DVLA.

How do I become a bus driver in Australia?

Requirements to Drive a Bus or Coach

  1. Be at least twenty-one [21] years of age.
  2. Have held an unrestricted Australian driver licence for a total of at least twelve [12] months in the two [2] years immediately preceding the date of the application.
  3. Have passed an examination or assessment, in medical fitness.

How do I become a bus driver in Sydney?

What you need for the job

  1. Be a permanent resident of Australia or citizen of Australia or New Zealand.
  2. Have held an unrestricted Australian Driver’s Licence for at least 12 months within the last 24 months.
  3. Have a good driving history.
  4. Be willing to work all the shifts required of the position.
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What is a CZ license?

Commercial Vehicle Practical & Theoretical Training

CZ course provides students with training on Automatic Transmission. … Persons with an Ontario class CZ license are licensed to drive any vehicle in Class CZ, and DZ, license.

Can I drive a 17 seater minibus on a car Licence?

Anyone with a normal licence can drive a minibus with up to 12 seats. For people who passed their test and got their driving licence before 1 January 1997, you are likely to have a Category D1 licence. This allows you to drive a minibus with up to 16 passenger seats – but not for hire or reward.